Rainwater Rewards Application

Welcome to the City of Victoria’s online application for the Rainwater Rewards Program

For more information about this program please visit www.victoria.ca/stormwater

Prior to applying, please ensure you have reviewed the steps to qualify for the program, including the Rainwater Management Standards. There is a Do-It-Yourself set of standards for low-density homes with 1-4 units and a Professional set of standards. Please ensure you have read the appropriate set. In both sets of standards Appendix A is the ‘Rainwater Rewards Pre-Approval Guide’. This guide will help you collect the information needed for this application.

Please note, once you have started, you cannot save the application to complete it at another date. Your application will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. Please ensure you have all necessary documents and information prior to starting the application, including the following if applicable:
  • Number of units and capacity (for rain barrels/cisterns/ infiltration chambers)
  • Surface impervious areas treated (driveway, patio, etc.)
  • Roof area treated
  • Size of rainwater management method (litres, m2)
  • Receipts/invoices for existing work
If you have completed the Rainwater Rewards Pre-Approval Guide prior to starting your application, this form should take 10-15 minutes to complete.